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All of the essential oils and carrier oils you will find in your LifeCo products are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs and are ALWAYS ORGANIC. Some necessary ingredients, such as Vitamin E, are used as a preservative and are not always able to be organic. However, they also come from the same trusted source. Mountain Rose Herbs is a reputable, long standing, honest, and affordable quality oil provider that allows us to operate under a completely transparent business model.


Here at LifeCo, we are committed to the trifecta:

Honesty, Quality, & Affordability

Caschelle Smith, founder of LifeCo, has been creating and retailing healing essential oil products with custom recipes since 2010. She was inspired to pursue plant medicine and complimentary healing after her unofficial mentor program in her hometown of Shelbyville, MO. 

Caschelle has been offering body work since 2013 and energy work since 2016, with a Reiki Level 2 certificate. She remains committed to transparency and honesty of sales, and the practicality and affordability of product. Her goal is to give the body, mind, and spirit exactly what is called for in each customized treatment.